A fully equipped, especially modified stage of international technological standards, will host the two-day eSports tournaments. The most technologically advanced and the best live broadcasting equipment guarantee that this eSports arena will offer a unique gaming and entertainment experience.

Gameshow Cyprus is organizing the biggest LAN Party Gather event that ever took place in Cyprus.

Primetel with its independent Fiber optic network is breaking all boundaries and will provide a once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience with speeds of up to 10.000Mbps.

Game enthusiasts are invited to join the biggest and fastest LAN party ever seen on the island. So just bring your equipment with your friends, pull up a seat, and enjoy a unique online gaming experience with 200 other participants.

Participants will be allocated a dedicated area to set-up their gear, team-up and PLAY!

Well-known streamers will be joining the event as there will be a dedicated stage for them within the LAN Party area to stream their gameplay as well as share their experience, tips and tricks.

The fastest LAN Party in Cyprus, has a specially modified and dedicated stage for a private streaming experience, with the best high tech equipment that is available to support them during the event.

Streamers are invited to apply for one of the limited positions for the event.

Cosplayers showcasing their creativity and craftsmanship, as well as their love for their favorite video game or anime character will have the opportunity to transform into their favorite hero and give to the audience a unique cosplay experience.

For the cosplayers, there will be a dedicated make-up and costume-repair station, and the entry to the event will be free!

The Cosplay competition and parade will be a huge attraction of the event!

Take part in a unique and futuristic experience and get to know first-hand all the new and trending gaming products!

Leading local and international companies in the field of technology, electronics and gaming shops will join us at the event, showcasing the latest products and titles in the gaming scene.

Discover the world of technology and eSports gaming and take part in one of our many competitions to win the best prizes.

Gameshow Cyprus will host a huge variety of well-known electronics and gaming shops where you will have the opportunity to see up close an exhibition of all the latest gaming products and other collectible items, by the best local and international brands.

At the event, you will have an opportunity to meet and greet with the most influential people in the gaming community.

YouTube influencers, entertainment personas and other gaming industry related experts, use the new-found media dynamics and produce original content and shape the modern trends in the gaming world.

We will be hosting a series of panels with local mentors and influencers for them to share their experiences with you.

The gaming world is rapidly growing and we have invited gaming industry experts to interact and share their experiences taking part in the various workshops organized by the event.


The outside area of the event will host a large variety of food & snacks for the necessary recesses in order for you to rest and to refuel yourself with much-needed energy for the event.

The outdoor area of the venue will be the entertainment meeting point of the event.  Stay tuned for unique entertainment shows which will be organized to our music stage.
This area will also facilitate consumers to access multiple food vendors and suppliers.

A private area at the event will cater for relaxation and networking possibilities. Our partners and sponsors will have the opportunity to enjoy the relaxing and exclusive atmosphere of the Business Lounge.